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When is the best time to take a childbirth education class? We suggest that you take a class during your third trimester. Plan to finish all childbirth preparation, infant care and breastfeeding classes by your 36th week to avoid any anxiety that the baby will come before your classes. We highly encourage you to take early pregnancy classes at any point during your pregnancy. These classes focus more on nutrition, fetal development and how to choose the right provider, and can be extremely supportive to the childbearing woman.

Should my partner come to the classes? It is essential that your support partner (or team) come to all classes with you. Everyone planning to support you will gain a better understanding of the physiology of birth, as well as the emotional and physical needs of laboring women. Support partners leave our childbirth classes feeling prepared to advocate for and support their laboring loved ones.

What method do you teach? I was certified through Childbirth Education Association of Metropolitan New York, which prides itself on offering classes that are designed to encourage women to recognize their innate abilities to cope successfully with the challenges of labor and birth in any setting. Instead of focusing on one method for everyone, we focus instead on the process of birth and the many different ways in which to cope with labor. We offer an eclectic array of coping strategies and help individual clients cater those skills toward her own wishes and desires. Birth can be an incredibly empowering experience and my goal is to help women find the best approach for each birth. We discuss all sorts of strategies, watch several birth clips, practice different positions, experience hands-on support, go through visualization and massage techniques and, of course, breath.

Are childbirth classes only for those planning on natural childbirth? We recommend that all women take childbirth classes, as we cover what happens during each stage of labor. Typically, these topics are not discussed during routine exams with your doctor or midwife. And, sadly, most of us don’t learn these things in school. Classes cover the physiology of birth, emotions, questions to ask your provider, how you know you’re in labor, coping techniques, as well as interventions and complications. We welcome all women and their partners, with all different birth plans.

What makes your class different than the one offered at my local hospital? Hospital classes are generally taught by nurses, not childbirth educators. Often, they are geared toward training couples to follow hospital protocols. Because class size tends to be large, there is not a lot of discussion or time for questions. My classes focus on the process of birth and your choices throughout the experience. We discuss your questions at length and, due to the small nature of our class size, cater the class toward individual needs.

What is the class size? Classes are limited to six couples.

What are your class fees?

Group childbirth education classes at River and Mountain Midwives are offered every other month, take place on a Saturday or Sunday and run from 11:00-5:00, with a lunch break. Please contact me or River & Mountain for our updated schedule.

Fee: $145 per couple

Group infant care classes at River and Mountain Midwives are offered every other month, usually on Friday evenings, and run for 2.5 hours.

Fee: $70 per couple

Private classes are held at Barefoot Dance Center. Please call me to schedule a class.


  • Childbirth Preparation Class: $70 per hour
  • Sibling Class: $75 per class

Does medical insurance cover childbirth classes?  Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover childbirth classes. We will supply you with a receipt, which you can send to your insurer. Some clients have been lucky. Medical flexible spending plans should cover the cost 100%.

What is the best way to contact you? You are always welcome to email me, but I am most happy speaking directly with my clients. Phone is (845) 384-6146. Email is info@barefootdancecenter.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon!